How to Track Affiliate Links in Google Analytics

Similar to the above, but focuses on the steps involved in the checkout process. This way you can track at what point customers give up on completing a purchase, and begin to investigate why this might be happening. Once you’re set up and know where to find the right metrics, you’re ready to start collecting data. In this post, we explain how best to analyse ecommerce data and share three steps to better decision making for your ecommerce business. Despite a history stretching back 18 years, Hitwise receive relatively little traffic compared with their peers.

analyze affiliate statistics

It could also find new methods to enhance or extend an organisation’s system and create more efficient strategies overall. Suppose a company was to design a new type of electric vehicle that would become a direct competitor to Tesla. In that case, the company should have extensive information on all the current and potential EV consumers. Neccessary market information would include customer preferences, the value of the EVs, and what a new entrant can offer to make customers want to buy the new EV. As marketing information systems enable companies to improve their offerings and the quality of their decisions significantly, almost every company has a marketing information system. After analysing the data, marketers can make more informed marketing choices, ultimately benefiting the company’s profitability.

81% of brands have adopted affiliate efforts

The referrer ID generally has to be unique, otherwise it makes tracking really difficult. Every operator will have similar footprints, because as you know they have to have tracking links. Having been in online marketing since and having focused mostly on SEO, I’ve learnt a few things about data mining that have become extremely useful. Since the main negotiation lever is revenue share, if you’re not one of the top affiliates then it’s very difficult to get a decent deal.

analyze affiliate statistics

Having written the data mining process flow up, I’ve realised it’s easy for me, but actually fairly complex if you’re not into data. Saying that I’ll cover everything I think you can do yourself, but if that’s not going to happen, reach out to me. If you’re not technical or not interested in the process, just read to the end where I have a web address you can go to where you can download the spreadsheet that I talk about here.

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Some brands, such as Shopify, pay 100% commission on a specific number of payments. Marketing and business guru Pat Flynn has openly documented his successes in the affiliate marketing sector. “When setting up an affiliate programme, you can either run it through a big affiliate system, such as Commission Junction, or through a cheaper option, such as a basic plugin.

analyze affiliate statistics

To keep up with this trend, many marketers and companies are beginning to think about mobile-specific affiliations, such as promotions uniquely suited to these users, and links to pages with responsive designs. As we enter 2020, an impressive 81% of brands have already implemented efforts to start building an affiliate network, and a further 84% of publishers have also delved into the area. Delacon’s call tracking solution can be integrated with your affiliate marketing platform so that the call data can be analysed within the same software as click data. In this way, you can more accurately measure the performance of your affiliates and increase the return on investment from affiliate marketing activities. When we say ecommerce analytics, we’re referring to the process of gathering data from the areas of your online store that can help you to make decisions on your marketing, products and overall business strategy. This can refer to data such as revenue, returns, conversion rate and revenue by channel.

NetEnt’s affiliate strategy revisited

Researching techniques and tools at the very forefront of the industry, they pride themselves on delivering fantastic results for their clients. Users will come to your site from multiple different sources and channels. If you’re using an affiliate channel to drive traffic in a bid to increase leads or sales, that might be how a user first visits your website.

However, that person might come back later through a Google Ads remarketing campaign and converts from there instead. As you grow your digital assets online you need to use Automated Affiliate Marketing Software to track the activities of your affiliate programs. A good place to start analyzing your website statistics is to look at traffic sources – either from direct traffic, search how to analyze affiliate statistics engines, referring sites, etc. To put it simply, affiliate marketing will grow at an increasing rate in the coming years and its revenue generation capability will only be enhanced with the rise of social media use. Travel and Leisure affiliate marketing programs generate 16% of revenue. Life Insurance products have seen a rise in affiliate marketing programs since the pandemic.

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Affiliate Marketing is the 7th most demanded skill by marketing agencies.

76% of online publishers stated that affiliate marketing made monetizing their websites quite easy. Using influencers for affiliate marketing campaigns will result in higher traffic as 49% of the customers trust the product recommended by an influencer. 24% of affiliate marketing revenue is generated from the media and telecom niche. If you’re an affiliate marketer or thinking to start in the industry, knowing about some affiliate marketing statstics will give you a proper image of the current industry and its attributes. 18.7% of affiliate campaigns are currently in fashion, making this the most popular affiliate marketing niche category by quite some margin. Sports and outdoors was the second contender in a recent AM Navigator study with 14.6%, while health and wellness had 11.1%.

Do you have to disclose that you do affiliate marketing?

As a result, these affiliate managers focus on a few winners and tend to ignore everybody else. But what it does mean is they are very inefficient at making use of those affiliates outside the top 20. If you are smart enough to go to any of the affiliate conferences, you’ll see how top affiliates are treated like pop stars. There are certain requirements to be met to be able to add to the nifty stats database. It is 100% safe and entire communication runs just between your computer and the server of your affiliate program.

  • From the 2020 annual reference period onwards, the collection of OFATS data has been embedded into our annual Outward Foreign Direct Investment Survey, which will increase the size of the OFATS sample .
  • Only 10% of affiliate marketers generate 90% of the revenue in most affiliate marketing programs.
  • They aimed to remind the recipient about the offer and certainly had an impact on the above statistics.
  • And, we’ve got 15 affiliate marketing statistics that make sure you can do just that in 2020.